Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Flowers? No, PENS.

Anyone besides me think that customer service desks putting plastic flowers on top of their pens is STOOOPID??? It's like I'm standing there thinking it's a vase of flowers next to me and I ask for a pen. The woman gets up to take it out of that canister, a pen with a flower on top. WHY?!!! I didn't know they were pens! I thought they were just flowers! If there are just plain pens in there, she wouldn't have had to get up now would she?

And not only that, but I start writing with it and the flower flys off!

I kinda wish the flower hit someone that worked there. Then would they get how stupid it is?

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pastamasta said...

This phenomenon is actually a welcome development which may herald a new era of office-based agriculture. Imagine the extra acreage which will be available to the developed world once the pens of our office workers become available for growing vegetation! And why stop there? I mean, the top of my monitor is nice and warm and would provide an ideal growing spot for, say, a small plot of miniature onions or a bonsai olive tree. Hydroponics be damned - corporate carrot farms are the way to go!