Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'm questioning why the word "asshole" became such an insult. Because I really enjoy the morning dump. And during that time I really appreciate my asshole. Actually, a lot of insults deal with the most basic part of living. So perhaps it's our subconscious telling the person that we, in actuality, really care for them. So here are some suggested responses:

Gee, thanks!
-Go fuck yourself!
I will, and that'll help me to feel better, thanks for the suggestion!
Aw thanks-I didn't think Iwas smart enough to have 2 heads on my body!

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pastamasta said...

I like your theory, and wish it were correct, but remain unconvinced. Much as I adore the unblemished and efficient functioning of my own rearmost body parts, were I to be described as an asshole, to wit, an organ whose career is spent producing large and steaming turds, I would be saddened. But of course, I am perfect in every way, so no-one could ever possibly consider describing me thus.

P.S. This reminds me of a high school incident wherein one of my classmates was being reprimanded by our chemistry teacher:

Classmate [muttering]: Dickhead.
Teacher: Pardon me??
[deathly silence]
Classmate [louder]: Dickhead.
Teacher [biting sarcasm]: Wow. Really? Wow. That's amazing. You're so observant. Are you saying that I actually have a dick on my head?
Classmate: Sometimes the truth hurts.