Friday, September 15, 2006


Why are they called freeways when you don't feel very FREE on them in rush-hour traffic? I've been taking surface streets during rush hour for a while because it's faster than the freeways. When I was driving home and saw the back-up in the other direction, I was thinking, "So do these people wake up in the morning and make a conscious decision to just SIT on the on-ramp for 20 minutes???" Of course, if we all took surface streets, then it would be the same situation on those routes during rush hour. But think about HOW many people choose to sit in their cars during rush hour!

And don't even get me started on the curiosity factor. It once took me twice as long to get home and why? Not because construction was going on or traffic had be diverted for some reason. No, it was because people were purposely SLOWING DOWN to look at an accident, and I happened to be the chump to get on the freeway a half and hour later.

If we are so frickin' self-centered with our fast-paced lifestyle today, then why do we slow down to just look at an accident? There are a lot of other things I'm curious about, I'm sorry. I mean think about it, we ask people "How are things going?" without wanting a real answer, yet get somewhere late because we want to just LOOK at an accident when it is just another one in a million???

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