Whole bean coffee

Okay, so one of the stupidest things I've seen is how they sell whole bean coffee. Why, why does it exist? It takes so much longer to make it if you have to grind it before you can brew it-WHO wants to do that when they need to wake up first thing in the morning???

I bought some coffee and went to open the package for the first time this morning. I opened it and it was like "doh!" (add Homer Simpson voice here). That is one of the most annoying things, when you buy something you're excited about but then can't have it because you didn't pay attention to the writing on the package to make sure it is in fact what you want to buy. My boyfriend has a grinder at his house, but I don't want to take the time to grind it first!

So I said "Fuck, I'll just go home and drink coffee." And hence the lovely Saturday of an irritable graduate student had begun...