Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bathing suits

Okay so we don't want to show our underwear to just anyone, but we'll pretty much wear our bathing suits in front of anyone? I mean, these days, bathing suits are such that they cover less than underwear sometimes. So I'll walk around my boyfriend's house in a bathing suit where his friends can see me, but I won't walk around in my underwear? Why not? My underwear covers just as much as the bathing suit does. Hell a towel covers more than the bathing suit does too. And these days you have THONG bathing suits. Sheesh.

We should just go swimming in underwear. That'll save the hassle of shopping for a suit and will also save money. And it will probably make my boyfriend happier too.


Tim-tambolini said...

I personally think my underwear fits better and looks better than any bathing suit I dare to try on, so I'm with you on this idea!

Anonymous said...

i've always wondered the same thing.

Anonymous said...

hey can you send me that no-bake cookie recipe when you get a chance. :)