Saturday, April 01, 2006


So I went out to an Italian restaurant with a couple friends last night and was thinking, "Why the hell do people need a giant spoon to help twirl their pasta?????" People are incapable of cutting it, or twirling it above their plates? No, instead, why don't we add another piece of silverware to the already crowded table: shrimp fork, salad fork, dinner fork, spoon, knife, big ass spoon for twirling, glass, wine glass, salad plate, appetizer plate, dinner plate..good lord. Yet notice how you just get one skimpy paper napkin that's supposed to last the whole meal.

All of those utensils take all the fun out of eating for me. I can't help but think people need that big ass twirling spoon just because they think they look cool while they're doing it. Think about it: all you need is a glass, plate, spoon, fork, and about 20 napkins. On the other hand, forget about the spoon and fork, we should just be able to dig our hands in and chomp down!


Anonymous said...

i try not to order anything that requires such complicated procedures of getting food into mouth. i feel the same about chopsticks...just gimme a fork so i can quickly shovel this food into my mouth.

pastamasta said...

Hell yes, I am so with you on the napkins. I usually end up nicking spares from nearby empty tables. (Or, if desperate, from other diners when their backs are turned.)

I do rather like the big-ass twirling spoon, though.