So I saw the Tate Museum and the British Museum in London last month, and realized that I am a historical museum person, NOT an art museum person. In a historical museum, you can learn about cultures, history, religion, etc. It's interesting, and I walked out with more knowledge than I had walking in.

In an art museum on the other hand, you are walking around looking at a bunch of paintings and sculptures and after a while, they all look the same. And then you have those know-it-alls who make cheesy comments like, "Here you can see that his choice of colors indicates his strong emotional state at the time, yada yada yada." And people say such complete bollocks (like how I put that British phrase in there? ;) ) with such CONFIDENCE! How the hell do YOU know what that artist was thinking when doing that painting 100 years ago??? For all we know, they were drunk when they threw something together to make a few bucks.

Then, to insult people's reading capability, these museums offer audio tours for like 15 bucks. 15 bucks! Why do I want to spend that? So that I can walk around with headphones on listening to an annoying voice telling me what I can already read on the sign next to the painting??? But amazingly, you still see people taking the museum up on this offer and they look ridiculous walking around with these headsets. Next time I'll have to ask someone who uses the audio tour what they learned and if it's worth the 15 bucks.