I don't get why people concern themselves with things that aren't going to hurt them. It's pointless. For example, what do heterosexuals have against gay marriage? I have this great button that says "Against gay marriage? Don't marry one!" Couldn't have said it better myself.

Though I'm certainly not exempt from getting irritated with things that don't have anything to do with me. For example, I was sitting in class today and the hair of the woman sitting in front of me annoyed me to no end. The top layers were curly and the bottom layers were straight. I mean I know, it's HER hair, who cares???? But it was distracting and annoying. I mean, why not curl ALL the hair? Or, straighten ALL the hair? But who in their right mind thinks only some curly hairs looks good?

You can tell this was a mind-boggling, interesting and captivating class. I'll just leave it at that.