Runaway truck

So I drove to my mom's this past weekend and on the highway there are these "Runaway Truck Ramps." That just infuriates me. These trucks use up a shit-load of fuel, crap up the environment, get a better view while driving, and are bullies of the road. And on top of that they get a runaway ramp?!!! I want a runaway ramp. Why can't 4-door sedans have a ramp? There are a lot of things I'd run away from (a horrible date, the coworker who makes me roll my eyes more than I have ever done in my life, cops...)

And then there are the "Do not enter when flooded" signs. Now are those really necessary? I mean do we need signs that say "Don't pull my cat's tail" or "Don't stick your hand in the washer when it's running" or "Don't ask more questions that can lead to the class staying longer" ? Actually, with all the dorks in my classes this semester, the latter probably is needed...