So, now, correct me if I'm wrong (and just a heads-up, I never am) but isn't the point of wearing a thong that there is no panty line when you wear something that would show a panty line? Jeans normally do not reveal panty lines, yes? Nevertheless, I have the priviledge of working with a woman in a play who even when she wears jeans, wears thongs. And how do I know this? I see her change in the dressing room and she changes from her costume back into her street clothes that are jeans.

Now why does this bother me you ask? Like, why should I care if someone else chooses to be uncomfortable for no reason? Because I have to sit *behind* her in the play! And we wear jeans in the play. And half her butt comes out the top of her jeans when she's sitting and as she's getting up. Grrrr....

Now it'd kinda become this obsession where I always want to know what kind of underwear she's wearing cuz it's frickin annoying to think that a person would ALWAYS wear a thong, even if they don't have to! I have a few sitting in my drawer and a part of me avoids wearing the clothes that "need" them cuz they're so ridiculously uncomfortable! Yeah, kinda like Seinfeld who encouraged this one woman to break up with him in person just so he could see if she was wearing the same outfit again---lol.

Hey, does my obsession with this girl's underwear *technically* make me a lesbian?