Monday, March 16, 2009

Sweat pants

Okay, so you know how women shouldn't wear pants that show their camel toes? Well for a similar type of reason is why I think men should not be allowed to wear sweat pants. You don't wanna see my camel toe? Then what the hell makes you think I want to see the little ding dong ringing with every move you make?


pastamasta said...

Would you feel better seeing a large ding dong?

Not that I'm making any claims... just asking. ;)

Imaginista said...

Have you ever seen the picture of the bicycling team all lined up under the caption "why white biking shorts are a bad idea?"

Imaginista said...

oh wait... I just went and found the picture - the shorts are red, but the same visual you probably got still applies. i'll send it to you.