I'll let you in on a little secret: Ph.D actually stands for Phony Doctor.

Think about it: they can't help people when they're sick, and their dissertations show they know a whole lot about nothing!

hee hee :)

Traffic lights

Does anyone besides me get annoyed when you get stopped at a small traffic light? Meaning not the ones at the major streets, but at the small streets that are like a 1/4 of a mile apart. It's funny cuz I feel so DEFEATED when I have to stop at those. I'm thinking, "You're a measly little street! I should've been able to drive past you!" And it's especially annoying when you're on a roll of having to stop at every light on the way home, especially when you're exhausted and just want to crawl into bed!


Isn't it amazing how we can forget some of the basic things everyday that are really important? It goes without saying that we always need to be drinking water in the hot desert, and I'm sipping water all the time, but I often forget to leave my house with the water bottle. Or during that special time of the month I can forget to check that I have pads in my purse. So the other day I forgot BOTH and after I had left the house, I had to turn around and come back home for those things. The annoying thing is I would've otherwise gotten to work on time! Argh.

It's interesting how we can make such stupid mistakes despite the technological progress the human race has made. Was Einstein this forgetful? Well at least it makes sense that *I* wasn't the one who came up with E=mc-squared.


I wonder, isn't it weird for guys to be peeing next to each other? Do they really talk to each other as they pee? And what if you accidentally see your neighbor's thingy? And so how did the idea for urinals come about? Isn't it just as easy to pee in a stall? You can still talk when you're in the stall. Women do it.

Though it is a bit weird for me to talk to someone while I'm peeing. But amazing how it happens all the time isn't it? And people talk on their cell phones while they are on the can! Isn't that weird? And public restrooms don't have toilet lids that you can put down before flushing so that germs don't come up. Don't people think of that when they take certain things in the stall with them?

If we're going to do all this when going to the bathroom, then why have stalls at all? Just keep a row of toilets and urinals. I mean would we really be seeing anything that's a MYSTERY? And it's not like the walls help with the smell!

Favorite number

I don't really have a favorite number and then I got to thinking, what's a *favorite* number? Why would anyone have one? I can understand a favorite color because you would choose clothes or paint colors based on it. Or even a favorite letter, so you can choose what to name your child. I get having a lucky number but a favorite number?

I mean let's say your favorite number is 9. Are you going to wake up at 9? But what if you have to be at work at 9? Or are you going to order 9 pizzas? It'd be hard to finish that many. Or get your oil changed 9 times a month?

You get my point.

National survey

I can't believe it! I was actually called today to fill out a survey on this year's presidential election! I mean because before, I always wondered WHO they actually surveyed for the poll numbers. Didn't you? I would think "WHERE are they getting these numbers??? I never get asked to participate in a poll!"

Well my friends, turns out they *are* real polls. Now I feel like I can at least trust that. Otherwise it felt like they were making up the numbers in favor of a particular candidate, as a way to sway voters. Think about it, the numbers are always like 52% for McCain and 48% for Obama, or 54% for Obama and 46% for McCain. Because they're thinking, "Well we can't say 10-90 cuz then they'll KNOW we're making it up! Duh..."

Graduate students,

why don't we just call them what they really are: ass-kissing suck-up slaves not even on the bottom of the totem pole-they are buried in the sand getting stepped on all the time.

I mean rolling around in the sand would be fun if it were some *sweet* ass you were kissing...

Basketball 2

I just realized, playing basketball is the one time when you can get in someone's face and say "I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you!" and it's okay!

hee hee. :)

Gross foods

Ever wonder how the idea for cheese came up? Did someone say, "Hey, let's let the milk sit out for a couple months and see what it turns into. Maybe we'll want to eat it." Uh, okay.

And why do people like cheese? Some folks are like "The stinkier the better!" with it too-GROSS!

I mean I know cats eat their own vomit, but we're HUMAN. Why do people like cheese? *Especially* stinky cheese?

Or, why do people like beer? Do they think, "Well, I like stuff that tastes like crap and looks like pee!" Suuuure, makes sense.


Have you ever noticed that with any fan, the FIRST setting you get to after turning it on is the fastest one? And generally I use the lowest setting, so I have to turn the knob all the way over to get the setting I want. Same thing with my ceiling fan: I have to pull on the cord a couple times to get the speed I want after turning it on.

Why don't they just have the slowest setting be the first one you get to, the next one be the next fastest, and so on?