I wonder, isn't it weird for guys to be peeing next to each other? Do they really talk to each other as they pee? And what if you accidentally see your neighbor's thingy? And so how did the idea for urinals come about? Isn't it just as easy to pee in a stall? You can still talk when you're in the stall. Women do it.

Though it is a bit weird for me to talk to someone while I'm peeing. But amazing how it happens all the time isn't it? And people talk on their cell phones while they are on the can! Isn't that weird? And public restrooms don't have toilet lids that you can put down before flushing so that germs don't come up. Don't people think of that when they take certain things in the stall with them?

If we're going to do all this when going to the bathroom, then why have stalls at all? Just keep a row of toilets and urinals. I mean would we really be seeing anything that's a MYSTERY? And it's not like the walls help with the smell!