Saturday, July 12, 2008


I think the human race is just plain screwed when it comes to toilets. I mean there is just no fool-proof way to take care of such necessary natural functions. I have to get a new toilet for my bathroom because there's a crack in it and it started leaking. My mom said that well, it is an old toilet, makes sense it's time to replace it.

But the thing is, no matter how old or new or what TYPE of toilet, there have ALWAYS been problems for me with using them. In our brand new house with new toilets "efficient" toilets, we still had problems with those; both leaked and one did so badly that almost the entire bottom floor flooded. In my first apartment, the toilet always clogged. In my second apartment it had cracked and flooded the whole apartment. Here the toilet is old and cracked. The other toilet in the guest bathroom takes a long time to flush. I also know of a few friends who have always had toilet issues. In Ghana, the contraption in the tank kept us from being able to use the handle to flush it. No matter where in the WORLD you go, it's a problem! 150 years ago, you had to go to the smelly outhouse. No matter what TIME PERIOD, peeing or taking a crap is just not a fun, comfortable thing to do.

And there are ALWAYS instructions on the toilets in people's houses like "Please hold down the handle until everything flushes." Well hey, here's a message for the toilet manufacturers: "Make some sturdy toilets you muthafukaz!" I mean steel's been around for a while hasn't it? So why do they still insist on using porcelain? They use steel in NASA don't they?

And that's just it; we can take pictures of Mars but we can't make problem-free toilets???? Doesn't being able to go to the bathroom take priority over what the hell MAY have happened on Mars like 3 billion years ago?? Those NASA engineers should take more toilet pictures instead and do some investigative work there.

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BE said...

We can put a man on the moon, but...


Seriously, I feel your pain. We replaced our toilets, both of which were chronic "problem children," in late 2006, thx to generous gift from in-laws.

Well, our guest toilet started having problems, and it turns out the toilets they got for us had been discontinued, and the part we'd need to fix it is no longer made. To retrofit a part that IS made but for a newer toilet would cost more than replacing the guest toilet. So we are now on our 3rd guest toilet since moving here in May of 2001. My parents, meanwhile, have the same toilet (and sink) they had when they moved into our house circa 1980. No problems. Ever. I think AZ stuff is just more shoddily manufactured, and perhaps because of subpar construction in our houses, our appliances are more likely to poop out (pun not intended but intentionally left there) at an early age. Or maybe it's the hard water here. Anyway, I'm empathizing!