Man on the Moon

Oh wait, I think I get it now. The reason we can't do simple things, or why we make things unnecessarily complicated is BECAUSE we've put a man on the moon. Well now I won't always say, "We can put a man on the moon but.." (hell, who am I kiddin', I'll still always say that).

But why we just can't keep things simple is beyond me. At work the other day I was cooking dinner for the clients and do they have the small, simple, easy-to-use can opener there? No. They have 2 kinds: one has the gears on both sides which I can never get to work for me (so annoying when you can't get the thing open in one swoop) and another one that has this huge crank thing! It's like, we're not opening barrels of oil!!! Why do we need a can opener with a huge crank for a small can of peas??? The small can is too light to stay on the counter top so you have no leverage to use the huge-ass crank thing.

And now our friend Bill has released MS 2007. Um, excuse me, the recent version of Word before that had like 4,000 features. Now this is just my GUESS and all, but was anyone USING all of those features? So why do we need a new system when I'm used to and am perfectly fine with the old one? We have MS 07 at work now and it is completely un-userfriendly.

I think instead Microsoft should spend money on bringing in counselors for their programmers and teach them how to date. Then they'd really be making a contribution to society!