Sunday, June 15, 2008

Common Sense

The problem with the term common sense is, not only is it not that common (I mean we do have the Darwin awards don't we?), but what is considered "common sense" depends on whom you ask. Some examples, if you will:

Q: "Why can't you wipe up flour off the counter with water?"
A: Mom: "That's just common sense!"

Q: "Why can't you know an electron's position and speed at the same time?"
A: Heisenberg: "That's just common sense!"

Q: "Why is it that eating more carbs can lead to higher cholesterol?"
A: Nutritionists: "That's just common sense!"

Q: "Why are we at war with Iraq?"
A: Bush: "That's just common sense!"

This probably explains the sad state of the human condition...


Archangel Gabrielle said...

I have just recently heard more than one person make the observation that common sense isn't really all that common, making the term a giant misnomer. I now refer to my outstanding abilities to detect the obvious as

Heat said...

i had a teacher in junior high who taught us that common sense isn't common until you learn it. makes a lot of sense....