Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Okay, so I don't even know why in any national basketball game they actually go through the formality of "playing" the game anymore. Because there is no real playing, strategy, pik-setting, etc. It's just "Ooo, good, we got the ball, so let's just rush over there and shoot!" Then why not just play some music, do a little dance at one basket, pick a player to shoot, and then have the other team do the same thing at the other basket? It'd make it a lot more entertaining for the audience I'll tell you that.

I mean and it's all so commercial with so much drama and ads on tv before the frickin' game is finally over. Then the game is over and there's more drama, especially after the finals. There's all the time spent in presenting the trophy, seeing the players scream like idiots and listening to annoying reporters ask "What does it feel like to be a champion?" Pick a feeling lady, you might be right on. And then you have the MVP award. I mean WHY have that at all?? If each player is just trying to shoot to run up their stats so they can get MVP, then doesn't that take away from teamwork?

And why is it called a *free* throw? How many times do they actually MAKE their free throws?

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Heat said...

the suns used to play good team ball, which is what made them so fun to watch.

and the women, in general, play good team ball, which is why they're fun to watch.

college ball is the best to watch, IMO, because they still play good team ball.