Ever notice how whenever there is a big story on the national news the local news also covers that same story the same day? Not even the same day but the same HOUR for crying out loud. So when NBC is done covering a story, the local channel 12 news starts covering that very same story a MINUTE later. Hmm...don't they think that because we just saw the story on the national news that we don't want to hear about it again on their lame news show? Are you telling me they don't have anything DIFFERENT to report on that may be directly related to that city? Copycats...

See that's just it. We tell students not to copy or cheat, but news shows do the same thing. Or we tell kids that fighting isn't the way to solve anything, while the countries go to war with each other. Such fucking hypocrisy.

In that case, teachers shouldn't bother trying to break up fights or stop cheating. Then maybe the little shits who do those things can be done with. And when time is not wasted on such things, maybe teachers can get some real teaching of the core subjects in!