Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Have you ever noticed how when people know they're being videotaped they automatically start acting really dorky? What in the WORLD possesses them to do this? As soon as someone holding a camera says, "Hey guys, say hi to my folks back home," they are either crossing their eyes, making fish faces, or walking and talking like Frankenstein. What about a video camera does this to people? What are they thinking? It's like:

Well normally I don't have a fish face and look this ridiculous. But let me act like this when I'm being *taped* so that it's permanent, and lot of other people I don't know may see it.

Uh sure, yeah, makes sense. Why don't they just act NORMAL and say hi to the camera?

See I'm the other way around. I'm so dorky ALL the time (my friends can so attest to this :) ). That's why I don't act that way in front of the camera. See that way, there's no record of it and my friends have no way of proving what a nut job I really am if they ever need to. It's my method of madness, (meaning it only causes them madness and not others).


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