Monday, April 14, 2008


So here's another cliche I'd like to comment on: lately I've been hearing too much of, "Well, I need protein" (in the context of trying to plan a vegetarian meal.) Or I also hear, "You know, if I don't get it, my body really craves the protein after a while." And it's usually meat-eaters who say this.

Reeeallllly? You don't say! Cuz you know, just cuz I'm vegetarian my body doesn't have a need for protein at all! My muscles just reproduce themselves. Sucks to be you...

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BE said...

And let's not forget that protein only exists in animal form. Which is why no vegan has ever even thought about being able to enter a bodybuilding competition. ;-)

FYI: the above was totally sarcastic, to anyone who doesn't know me. As a vegan, I easily consume 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight a day. Not to open a debate about "You really shouldn't be getting that much protein" (a perpetual argument in the vegan fitness community), but just stating a fact. My body truly does feel better with plenty of protein, which I believe does give me decent "street cred" among fitness buffs who want to use that excuse not to go veg. I have a lot more respect for someone who says they just really like the taste of meat and aren't ready to change. Do I wish they were ready? Sure! But at least they're not saying something that's not true so they don't have to admit they're just not going to do something.