Presidential or personal?

So I guess John McCain is now touring parts of the country that are significant to his personal life. Because he wants the country to see more of his personal side.

Are you frickin' kidding me? I mean do we reaaaaaaaaaaallllly need to see more personal aspects of people in politics? Hasn't it become more of a soap opera of sorts? Who shagged whom, who showed whom their thong, who slept with a prostitute, yada yada yada. And one candidate here has his ENTIRE family on his poster. So what, having a big family (I thought only he was running and not his whole family) makes him a better candidate? Doesn't it just mean that he knows how to have sex a lot? He can't even speak to his parenting ability because his wife is raising the kids while he's running for office.

I mean if we want drama or to know more personal stories, we can watch tv or read a good book. Heaven forbid we instead expect leaders to give us LEADERSHIP. At the very least they should provide more interesting drama, then maybe I'd be more motivated to keep up with the news.

So you don't want to hear about MY drama, how I am or am not getting laid by a worth it or not-so-worth-it bloke? Well at least I'm not expected to develop a reputation that worthy of being presidential.

Wait, so I COULD run for president...