Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are so stupid aren't they? Well, and they especially are when they say something like "I love my beagle." Well that's great lady, and I love my mom, sister, friends, my cat....but you don't see me putting stickers that say all that do you? I mean, what possesses someone to deface their car with something like that? Shouldn't we be a bit more discriminatory with messages that we permanently put on our cars? I can appreciate more the ones that at least communicate some sort of message that advocates for social change. Or give me something *interesting* to read and think about while at a red light. Not how much you love something for crying out loud.

Here's a bumper sticker for ya: "I love people who don't put cheesy bumper stickers on their cars."


Archangel Gabrielle said...

Guilty as charged. But I am not apologizing for driving around with "Flaming Liberal With an Attitude" stuck on my car to you or anyone else! Bwahahahaha!

Felda, Jerry Seinfeld's Biggest Fan said...

Now that's one to definitely not apologize for! :)

BE said...

One says, "I love my wife." That's one of my favorites. But my all-time fave, that I actually DO want to get for my car, is "This bumper sticker will categorically resolve the abortion debate." I'm not a big fan of the ribbons (sorry, I know there's one to end DV), because they seem "empty" to me. Who doesn't want to support a cure for breast cancer? I saw one that just said, "Prostate cancer." Not "Stop prostate cancer," not "Cure prostate cancer," just "Prostate cancer." And it was purple, like the end DV one. We're duplicating colors now. Red used to be for AIDS awareness; now, it's to "go red for women," which for some reason someone decided was better than coming out and saying it's to end heart disease in women. I wonder how many people are wondering what it means to go red for women. But I don't regret my decision to encourage tailgaters to "Boycott cruelty--go vegan!"