Have you ever noticed that the same excuses get used by different people all the time? I mean it gets old to the point where they can be considered cliches. Because I mean, people say them as if it makes them special, like nobody else goes through those experiences or feelings. I mean in our society we've had for a while now 1) a high divorce rate, 2) traffic, 3) and the need to work to make a living (well, most people anyway). Yet you always hear:

"My parents got divorced so I haven't had a good role model for relationships."
Yeah? Well you and every other jerk who uses that excuse for being chicken shit or an asshole when it comes to dating.

"Dating is so hard for me."
Yeah, and it's a breeze for the rest of us-we're just living in a romantic comedy over here.

"I don't do well with rejection."
Really, cuz it's my favorite part of asking guys out!

"I'm not a morning person."
Well I'd like to lounge around in bed all morning too but I'm an ADULT and I have to be somewhere in the mornings to make a living. Try going to bed EARLIER.

"I'm a visual learner."
Yeah, cuz it's easier to just get the information from watching it on television or looking at a graph for a minute, rather than spending the 30 minutes reading the research article.

"Sorry I didn't get that to you, I've been busy."
Yeah, and I'm just basking in free time over here. But I use a PLANNER so that I can follow-through.

"I wish I could be creative and get paid for it."
Yeah, you and everyone else with a pulse.

"I try to be a spontaneous person-life happens when you're making plans."
Well maybe that's why you don't accomplish much.

"Sorry I'm late, the traffic was crazy!"
Well, the secret is, the technology to be able to beam ourselves places has been available for like 30 years now, but only for a special few-that's how I got here on time. Guess you could wait for that, or ALLOW for driving time in your schedule.

Boy, Yalom couldn't be more right with his term "delusion of specialness."