It is amazing how much living with someone can lead you to dislike the person. In fact, I'm amazed at how quickly I have gone from liking roommates to hating them. Nothing like trying to share living space to help that to happen, no sirree bob. It's with roommates that I realize how uncommon common sense actually is:

-You want to let the dish soak if you're not going to wash it right away. Amazing how that makes for quicker cleaning now doesn't it? Unless you want to eat from a plate with food stuck on it.
-See, you want to dump the dishes on the side of the sink where the garbage disposal is, to make it easier to get rid of the food. But I guess some people like picking pieces of food out from the sink.
-You want to wet the towel BEFORE wiping the counter, unless you WANT to wipe the counter with the very food you are trying to clean up.
-Larger dishes go on the bottom part of the dishwasher and cups go on the TOP.
-Do you have to take up two rows in the dishwasher for ONE bowl?
-Generally it's best, in terms of saving energy and soap, to wait to start the dishwasher until it's FULL.
-See, there is a mug tree where you can put the mugs when you're unloading the dishwasher. Saves some cupboard space so that you don't have to sift threw glasses to get to a mug.
-Is chewing with one's mouth closed too difficult for people? Do they not HEAR their lips smacking together??? Do they LIKE the sound?

I'm surprised it takes most couples as long as it does before they finally file for divorce.