Ever wonder what neckties are for? I mean, why do men wear them? Where did they come from? What do they DO?


What's the deal with sandwiches? I mean, they should be easy to eat, where you can hold them through the entire eating process. But, when can we stop calling some sandwiches sandwiches? Some are too tall to fit into your mouth, others are so gooey that you have to eat them with a knife and fork so that you don't get sauce dripping down your hands. Even some burritos: I mean, there is no way you can hold them and eat them; you're pretty much just eating the stuffing with a fork as the tortilla gets torn up.

I'm sorry, a sandwich or burrito is something I can eat with my hands. Otherwise, some restaurants might as well just chop up the bread or tortilla and just toss it with the stuff that's supposed to be in the middle.


What's the deal with the style for sunglasses these days? They are huge ass glasses that cover up half the face and make people look like aliens. It's like "Look everyone, I have eyes! I have eyes! Ooo, look at me with my cool shades!" I mean do you HAVE to have such huge ass sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun? I mean, I wouldn't want to have a second purse just so I have a place to keep them!

Red cones

There is not a single fucking street where construction isn't being done. It's just become the expectation that you can double your commute time because of the "work" being done.

I think they're blocking off lanes with those red cones only because they have nowhere else to put them.


Why aren't windshield wipers for the back windshield standard for all cars? If the seatbelt is standard for safety reasons, back windshield wipers should be too.

We can put a man on the moon, but I can't see out my back windshield when it's pouring down rain.


So what's the point of technology? I thought it was supposed to make our lives easier. But how much easier are our lives because of it? I send an email and the person doesn't get it, so I have to send it again. I leave a message on a co-worker's phone. Does he call back? No. Another co-worker said he'd get it faster if I called his cell. So I call and leave a message on his cell. Does he call me back? No. Not a biggie that time because I got the answer to my question myself. I leave another message on his cell last night. Does he call me back? No. I call his office phone this morning and first ask, "Hey, did you get the message I left on your cell last night?" "No, I didn't get it!" he answered.

Computer crashes, projectors that need bulbs, printers that need cartridges, copiers that never's kinda like bad sex. It's there, but what's the point?