Thursday, March 15, 2007


So what's the point of technology? I thought it was supposed to make our lives easier. But how much easier are our lives because of it? I send an email and the person doesn't get it, so I have to send it again. I leave a message on a co-worker's phone. Does he call back? No. Another co-worker said he'd get it faster if I called his cell. So I call and leave a message on his cell. Does he call me back? No. Not a biggie that time because I got the answer to my question myself. I leave another message on his cell last night. Does he call me back? No. I call his office phone this morning and first ask, "Hey, did you get the message I left on your cell last night?" "No, I didn't get it!" he answered.

Computer crashes, projectors that need bulbs, printers that need cartridges, copiers that never's kinda like bad sex. It's there, but what's the point?

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