Kids' ticket prices

WHY do kids' tickets at touristy place cost less??? They cry, fight, are slow, make a mess, cause more aggravation for the adults, and probably don't want to be there as much as adults. The really young ones won't even remember the experience. So, their tickets should cost MORE.

Is it because they take up less space? In that case, ticket prices should be based on size, not age. I'm probably about as big as an 8 year-old, but I complain less. So, I should pay half the price.

Space travel

Isn't it funny how we've been sending men into space since the 60's, before some technologies have been common such as the internet, ipods and Xbox? It just seems like sending someone to the moon would be more difficult than those.

And, we can put a man on the moon, but not all places will have soy milk for my coffee!!!!!

White t-shirt

Notice how it's hard to find something simple anymore when you're shopping for clothes? Yesterday I was shopping and just wanted a PLAIN white t-shirt. That's it. No colors, no designs, no stupid little frills, no curly q's on the neckline or arms, just a plain white t-shirt. Could I find one? No.

I also just want plain flip-flops. But notice how flip flops these days have glittery stuff on the straps, or beads, or funky colors? Argh...I just want FLIP FLOPS!

But noooo, these annoying *like* teeny boppers are *like* taking over the department stores.


Now how long ago do you think it was discovered that the Earth has north and south poles? 50 years ago? No. 75 years ago? No. 150 years ago? No. Okay, so I don't have the actual answer. But I would wager that it was a long time ago. Hey, the Chinese are smart, so it's even possible that they discovered the poles like 10, 000 years ago (or something like that).

Well, have you ever noticed how (despite us knowing that the poles exist for so long) that people STILL do not know their north, south, east and west? And let me just say that obtaining directions to go somewhere from these people is a pain in the ass. "As you're driving down Broadway, it'll be on your right hand side." or "Turn left after the gas station." In case you don't know, left and right has no fucking meaning because it can change based on which way you're driving.

And also, have you ever noticed that people point the directions while indoors? "The store is that way." Well, uh, I'm sorry, but the way you pointed is the kitchen. I mean come on, once I'm inside and I've turned all different directions between the rooms, I no longer know which way I'm facing, so just give me the location based on north, south, east or west!

Just my 2 cents worth...

Eyebrow gell

So I just heard of the existence of eyebrow gell. Eyebrow gell. Where are the women who use this working? A place with such high winds that their EYEBROW hairs blow around all over the place??