Saturday, December 02, 2006

Eyebrow gell

So I just heard of the existence of eyebrow gell. Eyebrow gell. Where are the women who use this working? A place with such high winds that their EYEBROW hairs blow around all over the place??


Anonymous said...

i kinda use eyebrow gel sometimes. the first thing i do is brush on a powder over my brows to darken them and fill them in. then you use this gel that goes on via mascara wand and it kind of protects it and forms the brows a little. it's awesome. i love it. and you know i don't wear a lot of makeup.

pastamasta said...

Personally, my eyebrow hairs are about a foot long, and if I don't wear gel on them they blow into my eyes at inconvenient moments, and get me uncomfortably amorous stares from giraffes at the zoo.

No, not really.

Anonymous said...

hahaha. i was gonna say that you must have gone in for a trim before we visited then. ;)