WHY do people hum???? Why? First off, it's annoying to those of us who have to hear it. Second, isn't it more fun and gratifying to just SING the song??? That would be much less annoying. And if you're worried about sounding bad, who cares?? If you sing in your office, you don't have to worry about losing a chance at a Grammy now do you?


Maybe the reason humans are so stupid is because we have such low expectations of each other. Think about the signs we read everyday:

"No weapons allowed on campus." (okay, good for me to know, and my guess is that those who want to bring the weapons could give a rats ass.)

"Shirts and shoes required." (so, I can come half-naked????)

I also love how the trash cans thank us for throwing our trash away. Imagine that, getting thanked for being civil.

And did you ever think about how at basketball games when the home team is winning they have signs flash that say "cheer!" "clap!" "shout out loud!". Guess we have to be prompted to do that too.

The bar has reaaaaaaaalllllly been lowered.

Life goals

If only I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say they want to be in a band, or write a screenplay on the story of their life. Reeeeaaaal original.


Is it just me, or does anyone else's brain get boggled by those sleeveless turtleneck sweaters? Think about it. SleeveLESS turtleneck sweaters. What's the point? It's like, should I be warm because of the turtleneck, or cool because they're sleeveless? I get confused just by seeing someone wear one, not to mention if I was to wear one myself.

It's kinda like boots with mini-skirts too!! Why?? What's the point???

I'm sorry, but when you live in a place that's like an oven, comfort (and comfort alone) is what you go for.


So supposedly we Americans make fun of the French for not using hair products. But have you seen the show Grey's Anatomy? Dr. Grey, who is the lead character, I'm sorry, probably has the sorriest hair I've ever seen. Flat, thin, no body at all. And in my book she's not particularly attractive, so how she's the lead is beyond me.

Here's this popular show that takes millions to make, probably makes billions in return (because God knows we don't have enough shows about hospitals), and they can't afford to get this actress a hair dresser????


I learned from someone today that the butcher at Costco earns something like $25/hour.

A butcher.

They cut up things that used to be alive.

I work as a counselor, dealing with people's lives, and sometimes dealing with crisis situations like rape and suicide.

I make $9/hour.

And, I'm vegetarian.

I just realized,

I am probably in one of the worst financial positions possible.

Go figure.

Cotton Candy

Okay, I just don't get the point of cotton candy-I'm sorry. What's the fun in it? Just because it's soft and big and pink? But it doesn't give you the satisfaction of really eating anything because you can't CHEW it. And it's just sugar so it doesn't give you the satisfaction of crunching anything, like chips, or eating anything with sustenance like curly fries (yummm, curly fries).

Hell, I don't get the fascination with Twizzlers either, but at least you have the satisfaction of chewing those.