Thursday, June 08, 2006


Have you ever noticed how Buddy is a common, almost default, name that people give their dogs? My mom recently adopted a dog and his name, you guessed it, is Buddy. Now to her credit, that was his name before, so she decided to keep it that way.

Speaking of names, I get so tired of the common popular ones for babies, like Keelie, Kylie or Tanner. They are so trendy, and the girl names are so sugary---ick! It's fine if there is a significance to those names, like they are family names or something, but when people pull names out of their asses, that I think is stupid. (If you've been reading my blog, you already know how opinionated and judgmental I am. ;) ). Like the name Houston. Why would you name your child Houston?? And some people do even though they're not from Houston, have never lived in Houston, nor do they know anyone in Houston.

My sister, on the other hand, had the most creative and unique name for her teddy bear when she was a child: Dexter Beuford Hollingworth, Jr. Now that is a name I would consider for my kid if I have one.


Tim-tambolini said...

You hit the nail on the head with the "Buddy" name for dogs. I groom dogs for a living and I am so disappointed when a new puppy comes in and his name is Buddy. I even know a girl dog named Buddy. I have two friends with dogs named Buddy. My dog's name is that's original.

As for baby about Montana, or Dakota. I hear those names all the time and I live in Canada for goodness sakes!

Something that is popular around here for both dogs AND children is Bailley.

pastamasta said...

My ex-landlady had a cat named Yoda. Always liked that one. And my dad's dog is called Brian (he's a Monty Python fan), which is a bit different. And my daughter's favourite toy rabbit has recently been renamed "Teddington" (her idea).

Don't get me started on kid's names. Especially the made-up ones that people come out with because, apparently, they will make their child an individual. Well, yes, if you don't mind them having the crap individually bullied out of them because they're called DarSheela, Karbon or Aylyzia. Holy pants, people, have some common sense, yes??