Thursday, June 08, 2006


Last night I dreamt that I was showering with Lex Luther, the one from the tv show "Smallville." Ooooooo, needless to say, I woke up quite happy. ;)

Part of Freud's theory is that dreams are a socially-acceptable way for us to experience the things we can't have in our real lives. So I guess I can never actually shower with Lex-BLASPHEMY!! And, I also dreamt about Rachel from "Friends" getting it on with someone, and a bunch of people playing in the snow. WHY do I want Rachel to get action, or see others play in the snow? According to Freud, shouldn't I be the one getting it on with someone or playing in the snow? I'd like to play in the snow, and there's no real reason that I can't except for that I live in the desert, so it makes sense that I would dream about myself actually playing in the snow. How is it fun for me to watch others doing it?

So if Freud's theory is that dreams are a socially-acceptable way for us to get what we can't have, what I'd dream about is sleeping with Jake Gyllenhall, getting paid shit-loads of money for the wonderful ideas I generate at school, my manuscript getting published on the first try, and a few idiots I work with getting taken-out.


Anonymous said...

jung's primary theory is that all the characters in our dreams embody some characteristic of our own...they each represent a part of us. so you just have to identify what part of the character stands out to you and just apply that to yourself.

Tim-tambolini said...

Playing in the snow is not nearly as fun as it might look sometimes...unless you are snowmobiling or skiing or toboganning. Snowball fights aren't all that fun...and, ummm, well I guess there are more fun things than unfun things. I stand corrected.