Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I must share: I feel so relieved and much happier now that some friends at a bbq yesterday ate a bunch of dessert I had brought. My mom had made it and it's really good (an Indian dessert), but way to sweet for my taste, and I couldn't have finished it on my own.

But folks, I have to say, this is a relief because in my experience, it's quite rare. It's amazing to me that even in our gluttonous culture, people here in the US are so nervous about trying different foods. I mean yes, a part of me gets a bit hurt or annoyed when something I bring doesn't get appreciated or eaten, but more amazingly, people don't want to try new things so that they can have a wider variety in their meal selection? But noooo, and I don't think these folks have any idea how ridiculous they look when they crinkle up their nose and say, "What's THAT?"

Oh that's right, if it has anything other than salt, pepper or cinnamon, they have no idea what it is and of course it MUST be something gross. I mean hell, we're such pigs in this culture I'm surprised more people aren't trying different ethnic restaurants. Heaven forbid that you may be able to add more food choices to your lifestyle. Or, they want to Americanize a dish by adding something to it that no longer makes it an authentic Indian dish, for example, and takes away from the flavor that's supposed to be there.

I mean, would you meat-eaters out there put ketchup on your steak?


Anonymous said...

i remember that i liked them when you had them the last time at your place. i would have had them this time too, but i was thinking they weren't vegan...am i right?

ps. sorry i was so quiet that day. i don't know why i was. :) especially since i wanted to ask you about your friend and tubing and the canyon and everything.

Tim-tambolini said...

I'm one of those people who is limited on what I'll try for new food. I don't know why I'm that way. Perhaps it's because if I widen my food choices then a widening of my ass might soon follow.

pastamasta said...

Oo, what was the dessert? I'm quite keen on Indian puddings, particularly gulab jamun, although that's a bugger to get hold of in this country for some reason.

I'm fed up with the attitude of most Brits to new experiences, especially food. It's so very provincial. Where's the fun in having the same kind of taste in your mouth every bloody mealtime? Try something new, that's what life is all about! I took the in-laws out for the dinner the other weekend, and they all looked aghast at my plate of escargots... "Eughh," they said, "that'd be horrible!" How do they know? They're delicious, actually, and just because their culture doesn't happen to eat garden-dwelling gastropods on a regular basis, it becomes something to sneer at. Aargh.

(This is one of my "soapbox topics" which you really shouldn't get me started on. ;) )

pastamasta said...

P.S. And no, ketchup on steak is sacrilege of the worst order. A nice sauce au poivre, yes, but only enough to enhance the flavour, thanks.

Felda, Jerry Seinfeld's Biggest Fan said...

Pastamasta-the dessert was gulab jamun. I can only eat like 1 of those every few days-too sweet!!!