Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Veggie Pizza

Okay, so only veggie pizza should exist, not any pizza with meat. Oh my gosh, why such a drastic statement you ask? Well, first off, yes, I'm vegetarian. I don't have anything against the people who eat meat (the act of eating meat, well, that's a different matter) but if they love meat so much answer me this: WHY do they always go after the veggie pizza when they have a choice? They always say it looks and tastes better, eat that without being cognizant of the vegetarians who can't eat the meat pizza, and end up getting more food. And why in the world do they want to eat more??? So many fucking calories in the meat pizza and on top of that they want to eat my veggie pizza? Are they not embarrassed at all? Buncha gluttons...

So that's why only veggie pizza should exist, because everyone likes it and then the vegetarians won't get screwed. Maybe doing away with the pig and intestines from the menu (aren't people grossed out by that by the way?) we'll have a healthier population here in the US too.

Uh huh, didn't think you'd have a come back for that one.


Anonymous said...

you know, i've noticed that too. non-veggies don't go out of their way to order the veggie pizza, but when there are a bunch of pizzas just sitting there, they definitely eat alot of that!

uh, hello!

that's why i take at least as much as the minimum i'm going to eat the first time around.

pastamasta said...

Is there such a thing as vegetarian haggis? If you're freaked out by the pig intestine in sausage, you should see what goes into those suckers. Let's just say, it's bits of the sheep that the sheep doesn't even know it's got.

Did I mention I love haggis?