Sunday, October 02, 2005

Ting ting

I love the wedding tradition of tinging of spoons against glasses as a way to prompt the bride and groom to kiss. Apparently people don't get enough of couples getting it on in public every day, so they want to see the main couple at the wedding kiss every frickin' ten minutes. I was at a wedding today and they had little bells at the tables for us to ring instead. I joined in the first couple times so as to not be rude but decided to go against it later on. I mean come on, it requires me to put down my fork while I'm eating the dinner (the real reason I'm there anyway), pick up the bell, ring it until the bride and groom kiss, and then I have to hear everyone in the hall clap or go "woo hoo!!" Folks, it's not that great a feat, they're getting married, they've already kissed and done a whole hell of a lot more I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

oh see, i always thought it was to annoy the shit out of the bridal couple, interrupt their food and what not, and embarass the hell out of them by making them kiss so much in public. that is why i enjoy it...because i like to annoy the happy couple

Felda, Jerry Seinfeld's Biggest Fan said...

you have done it again river selkie-you keep responding with your smart-assy comments!!!! well my come-back to this one is, I highly doubt they're embarrassed by kissing in front of others.

Anonymous said...

well, i'd certainly be embarassed to have a whole room watching me snog and cheering for it!

i'll try to stop being a smart-ass. :)