Cloth bags at the grocery store

People, including me, have taken cloth bags to the grocery store for a while now in order to save plastic. Very green decision, blah blah blah.

Yet, why are the store baggers still complete knuckleheads when using them? When using plastic bags they are so wasteful - often times using a bag for just one small item.

Yet, when I give them 5 cloth bags, they pack 1 or 2 to the gills, leaving the other 3 unused and giving me 2 really heavy bags. I have bags of various sizes, including a really large one in which I stuff the others when I take them to the store. This led one guy to ask me "Ma'am, do you want everything in this big bag?"  !!!!!!!!!!!!  It took all the restraint I could muster to not say what I was thinking: "You are a mother fucking moron."

It's amazing that the human race has accomplished anything, let alone space exploration or nuclear fusion. Maybe miracles DO exist!