Sex and finances

A long time ago someone had told me that the 2 things that strain a romantic relationship are sex and finances. And as I've been thinking about it recently, that's true of almost any relationship actually:

-With your parents: you disagree or fight about how to manage your finances and when and with whom you should have sex.

-With your friends: you fight when one gets to have sex and not the other, and often there is the friend who manages to not pay their fair share.

-With your siblings: when one is lucky with sex, the other is lucky with money, but neither seem to have both.

-And even with your computer: FB reminds you of all the people who are having sex when you're not, and technology in our lives often means higher bills.

So I figure, if these two things get in the way of our lives, it only makes sense that everyone go into prostitution. Have sex, on your terms, with financial retribution.

I might need to rethink my career choice.