Why is a t-shirt called a t-shirt? It doesn't look like a t! It looks more like pi. It should be called a pi-shirt.

Evaporated milk

What's the deal with evaporated milk? If it were evaporated, how come I can pour it into the batter?

Fun size

So what's the deal with smaller-sized M&M packs being called the "fun size"?? I thought MORE M&M's was fun, not LESS.


What amazes me about people having babies is not how often it happens, but that *that* many people are willing to forgo sleep and their freedom!


Why do people buy toasters when you can do so much more with a toaster oven?


Asian Americans get stereotyped as hard-working and efficient. So doesn't it seem very very odd that brocolli in Chinese food is cut so incredibly big??? You would think they'd take a bit more effort and time into chopping the brocolli into smaller pieces. It is very difficult to eat, particularly at the airport or with take-out in a hotel room. A plastic knife doesn't cut it and the pieces are hard to pick up with a plastic fork. So you end up looking like an idiot trying to shove a huge piece in your mouth.

What do the cooks have against small pieces of brocolli? Have they tried to eat it themselves? Just sayin....

The first date.

Part of what makes dating so frustrating is being on a high from the excitement at the beginning, and then becoming disappointed with the person and situation just a couple weeks after meeting them. And I wonder if that is due to people trying too hard to make a certain impression at the beginning stages of dating. If the person treats the first date as an interview and presents only their best selves, then there is nowhere to go from there but down. So what we really need to do is list out for the date all our flaws, just lay all the cards out on the table. That way, there is no place to go but up in terms of expectations for each other.

Woman: I'm compulsive.
Man: I'm condescending.
Woman: I'll yell at you if you don't clean up after yourself.
Man: I have no idea what I'm doing in bed.
Woman: I need 22 hours of the day to myself and hate most everybody.
Man: My vocabularly is about the level of a 4th grader.
Woman: Great, this will work out if I boss you around.
Man: Sounds great, I'm a masochist.
Woman: How about the movie at 7?
Man: Sure, pick you up at 6:30.

What season is it?

So in my apartment complex they have signs put up on the light posts that surround the complex and the signs say the seasons, like "summer" "fall" and "winter." What's the deal with that?

It's not the 2 feet of snow on the ground that tells us it's winter, it's the signs.