Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Exclamation points

Ever notice how we over-use exclamation points in our emails? Like "Have a great day!" or "That works for me!" I mean if we were speaking to the person, we wouldn't yell those things at them now would we? I think I'll try actually yelling those phrases in the office.

Me: "Have a nice day!"
Co-worker: "Why are you yelling?"
Me: "Well that's what my email would say wouldn't it?"
Co-worker: "You're a dork."
Me: "YOU'RE a dork!"


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pastamasta said...

I rarely use exclamation marks, but I do tend to over-punctuate; for example, subordinate clauses, which, when they appear (as they frequently do), are surrounded by swarming commas, only contribute to the problem (as does my love of parenthesis); likewise, semi-colons are a habit upon which I'm trying (thus far unsuccessfully) to cut down.