Friday, February 15, 2008

5-star service

The gall of the Sprint store to have its employees wear ribbons that say, "You deserve 5-star service."

Well I guess literally that's true. We deserve it.

But, they're not saying they'll give it. Okay, makes sense now. I guess literally it's not hypocritical.

Then we all might as well be wearing ribbons that say, "I should care about you and your problem." or "I should follow-through on my commitments." or "I should act like a professional at work."

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BE said...

At the Home Depot, employees' aprons say, "I put customers first." I asked if anyone's ever worn one that says they put customers second. The cashier said no. And to be fair, I've never felt put second at Home Depot...except when we were on hold for 20 minutes once. I guess that's because we couldn't see their aprons and call them on it at the time.