So it's 2007. That means it's after the 1940's. Meaning technology is supposed to be more advanced. Meaning things should be faster, better and prettier, am I right? Otherwise, what the hell are we doing here on earth and what the hell are we paying for? Instead, things are slower, worse and not as pretty, at least when it comes to air travel.

For what is supposed to be just a 2 hour flight, it took me 9 hours to get from my airport to my destination because they decide there is a problem with the plane AFTER all passengers have boarded, mind you. We backed away from the gate twice and still could not leave because they kept finding problems. So we de-planed and got on a different plane.

NINE hours. NOT faster.

These days you don't get the meals you request ahead of time. And I was on an old plane where we did not have our own tv screens, and the headphones didn't work.

NOT better.

And of course while we're sitting on the runway as they're trying to figure out what's wrong with the plane, the AC is not on. So I'm hot and sweaty.

Definitely NOT prettier.