Customer Service

Not only was Seinfeld right on about how we over-thank in our culture, but there is also the the thank you that lasts too LONG, particular in conversations with customer service representatives (CSR). For example, here's a transcript if you will:

Me: Great, that helps a lot, thank you for your help.
CSR: You're welcome. Is there anything else I can help you with?
Me: No, I think that's it, thanks.
CSR: Now we have this offer going right now for a 30-day free trial.. (add your typical solicitation babble here).
Me: No thanks, I'm not interested at this time.
CSR: Now remember, the free trial period does include...
Me: That's okay, I'm still not interested, but I'll keep it in mind.
CSR: Okay, anything else I can help with?
Me: Nope, that was it, thanks.
CSR: Not a problem, now you can call us back at this number if you have any other questions.
Me: Thanks, I'll do that.
CSR: Now you have a good day.
Me: Thanks, you too.
CSR: Thanks, and have a happy Easter.
Me: Thank you, you too.
CSR: Thanks and take care.

Funny how such a drawn-out ending to a conversation has replaced the simple BYE. It's gotten to be so annoying for me that now I find myself hanging up on the SOB's (aka CSR's).

And what is the deal with the voice recognition voice response systems? E.g. If that is the correct number, press 1 or say "yes." Because half the time the damn thing doesn't understand you and you have to repeat it anyway. How is that faster or easier than just pressing 1??