Animal in a mug

Have you ever seen anything as stupid as an animal in a mug? These are those cheesy, corny gift items you can find at a Hallmark store: a mug with a little stuffed animal inside. And the miniature ones are worse. The mug is too small to drink coffee out of (what life is about) and you can't cuddle with those stupid little stuffed animals. And then there are ones with the message "Get well soon." How the hell is LOOKING at something you can't cuddle with, interact with, nor drink coffee out of supposed to make you feel better???

Boss's Day

We have a Boss's Day? Does anyone but me find this to be ridiculous? Isn't EVERY day boss's day? I mean who the hell else are we working for?

What we need is a student day. Yes, a poor starving student day...

The digital clock

Why is it that when you look at a digital clock and the time says 5:15 that it seems like you have a lot of time before the half-hour, and when it says 5:16, you automatically round that up to 5:20 in your mind, and so it seems like you have a lot less time, even though that is only a ONE minute difference????

Drives me nuts...