Ever notice how passionate people can get when playing a friendly card or board game? I mean, even when we're not playing for money or anything, it can get pretty heated when I play games with friends. We were playing Yuker the other day and the dealer ended up having to call the trump. She was so upset and said something to the effect of, "So are we going to fuck the dealer?" Does it constitute fucking the dealer if no money is involved??? I mean her nonverbals were like she was jeapordizing so much. I'll admit I like to win, but the most fun for me is the bantering and laughter while playing.

Yet, on a game like Jeapardy, they're playing for money but still the game doesn't lead to arguments. I mean they're playing for money! But the people on that show are so stoic, it's hilarious. Now with a game like football it makes sense to have fighting or violence given what the game involves. Or over time we come to expect fights at a hockey game. But what would be really funny and entertaining would be to see verbal battles in Jeapardy: "You fucking asshole, the only reason you're winning is because you get all the easy answers!"

That might motivate those who don't normally watch the show to tune in and increase their general knowledge.