Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Coffee and Bailey's

Doesn't putting Bailey's Irish creme in coffee defeat the purpose of coffee? I thought the purpose of coffee was to wake you up, to stimulate you. So then you put liquor in it, which is a depressant? If I want to get drunk, doesn't it make more sense to have a drink that's going to get me there faster? And if I want to wake up after going only on five hours of sleep, don't I want just coffee to wake me up for the day's rat race? Not to mention the fact that the creme ruins the taste of coffee.

So do people put Bailey's in coffee to see which one's going to win, the coffee or the liquor? Has anyone found the answer and care to share?


Anonymous said...

i think there are people believe that it tastes good. ::shrugs:: weirdos. ;)

pastamasta said...

If you're going to put something alcoholic in coffee, it's gotta be Amaretto. Or maybe a drop of brandy. Otherwise, just give me the bottle, thanks. ;)

On the other hand, if you really have to have something with Bailey's in it, try this:

- 1 shot Baileys
- 1 shot Kahlua
- 1 shot Amaretto
- Shake (optionally with ice) and drink with a friend on a comfy sofa

I call it a Knickertwister. You'll find out why.