Ever notice how even with like 200-something channels with cable or satellite, there's still nothing to watch? You flip around just as much. And why do we need like 10 sports channels, 5 golf channels, 8 news channels, and 15 cooking channels? In our fast-food, go-go lifestyle, do people really try out all those recipes? And every news channel talks about what's going on in the middle east, but I don't think they give us new information. It's just more people dying, more bombs, more killings, more bombs, more killings, more hostages, more hostages, more bombs, more killings, more killings....

Instead, there should be like 8 Seinfeld channels, each starting with a different season, and then airing the shows in order, so you can pick at what point you want to watch the series. Now THAT would be worth it.