I'm totally like Seinfeld: someone who always gets confused by the plot when watching a movie. I can't speak for him, but in my case it's a tad bit of ADHD. But I swear, the more irritating thing for me with movies is how there is at least one line in EVERY movie, that even after turning the volume ALL the way up, you still can't hear what the hell the person is saying. You turn it all the way up on your VCR or DVD player and it's like "mmfshsha." What the hell is THAT??? Ten bucks to the person who can name me a movie where that isn't an issue.

I swear, the writers do it to make it LOOK like they have a cool phrase in there when in reality, they just didn't know what to write, and thought they could pull one over on us. Well it ain't workin' on me!!