I really like strawberries. They are one of my favorite fruits. They are great in cereal, to eat just by themselves, on pancakes and waffles, and strawberry jam on toast is sometimes good too. But I don't GET the concept of chocolate-covered strawberries. I'll tell you why: the chocolate takes over and takes away the taste of the strawberry. And only in the first bite do you get to eat both the chocolate and strawberry together. After that, as you try to take additional bites (cuz these strawberries tend to be huge), the chocolate crumbles off and you eat just the strawberry anyway. I was eating one last night and it was so annoying, because the chocolate pieces kept falling off as I tried to eat it.

So how are chocolate-covered strawberries that much different than having just the strawberries and pieces of chocolate sitting next to each other on a plate? Then you can have both great flavors without them ruining each other.