Thursday, May 25, 2006


We accessorize WAY to much in this country. I don't think people give enough thought to whether there is a practical use at all to the shit they buy. And for women, it's worse. You have the liquid shower soaps that need those damn squooshy, spongy things. You need shampoo, conditioner, gel, hairspray, yada yada, a washcloth, towel and a hair towel. A hair towel. So if these towels are more absorbent than regular bath towels, then why not have all towels be made of that same material?? You can then spend less time toweling off at the end. I'm not your stereotypical woman at all (and proud of it). I have my dial bar soap, 2-in-1 shampoo, no washcloth, and regular towels, and I've still gotten compliments on my hair and the way I smell. In the bathroom, I'm all about in n' out.

And don't get me started on this table cover thing I just learned about. Have you heard of this? A cover for your table. I can't quite remember the name but it's something like a table mat, or table board, or whatever. It's put on the table so that the table surface doesn't get damaged with hot pans. Hmmm, so you buy an expensive table whose top you can't really use? You've already spent all this money on a table and then have to spend additional money on a cover? Don't people generally have table cloths on their tables all the time anyway? So why get an expensive table if not only can you not see it all the time, but can't use it?

Well, guess I shouldn't say anything. I've got a hot bod that isn't getting used.

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pastamasta said...

Wah! can you teach my wife this bathroom ethos of yours?? I've been trying for years, with no success. She has at least four different kinds of body-cleaning product, including one with bits of apricot kernel in it, for some ungodly reason. She uses shampoo, conditioner, and then some esoteric "conditioning spray" afterwards which smells like coconut poo would smell if coconuts had bums. She also uses a variety of body lotions, each of which contains heavily-hyped cosmetic ingredients with made-up names like "nutraline" and "scrumptiose" which, I suspect, do absolutely buggerall except make a lot of money for the pharmaceutical and whale-slaughtering industries. It doesn't make her bod any noticeably hotter, although in the interests of husbandly loyalty I should probably add that it's fairly hot in the first place.