Sunday, April 02, 2006

Trash cans

Okay, I am a very culturally-sensitive person and I'd like to think I am not ethnocentric. But I'm sorry, there is one thing that I cannot understand outside of the US: lack of trash cans. When I visit my family in India, there is just one "dust bin" in the ENTIRE house. When I was in a hostel in London, we had to ask a number of times for a trash can before we got one. What do the people in these places DO? How hard is it to have a trash can in the rooms where you'd frequently need one?

If I'm brushing my hair and I have a bunch of hair that comes out of my brush, am I supposed to put it in my pocket until I come across a trash can?


pastamasta said...

The London thing is a relic of the IRA situation of the 80's/90's, where a public bin was often an excellent place to hide a bomb. However, that only accounts for public bins; if you had problems finding them in private buildings too, then I can only plead that they must be grubby peasants in London. I personally own four bins, although I must admit that I don't use any of them for clumps of hair.

Anonymous said...

i think we have 7 in the house and then the big one in the garage which we dump all the other 7 and set on the driveway for the garbage truck.