Monday, April 10, 2006

Soy sauce

So I was eating my lunch today (stir-fry noodles, tofu, broccoli and a spring roll-quite yummy, I made it myself) and put soy sauce on it. Well, in order to cover all the food with the sauce I poured a good amount, in concentric circles around the container so as to get good coverage. So you know where this is going right? I poured too much. I always forget that soy sauce is in fact soy WATER and I end up with a puddle of it at the bottom of the container. And when the spring roll accidentally slipped out of my hand, it splattered some "sauce" on me.

So if we're capable of instant messenger, nanotechnologies and cloning, why can't we come up with a soy sauce that's really a sauce: thicker so that it's easier to dip the spring roll, and it doesn't make a puddle at the bottom of the bowel?

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pastamasta said...

I too have experienced the shirt-staining shame of soy splattage. But I'm happy to report that we already have such a paragon of saucy excellence as you describe - the mighty hoi sin sauce. Okay, so it's rather fruitier than soy, and you're more or less screwed if you don't like the taste of black beans, but in my not-remotely-humble opinion it is sodding delicious, and has the requisite viscosity to cling neatly to spring rolls and other Oriental comestibles.